Wednesday, March 19, 2008

February 2008 Updates

Online Now
The Online Now section allows you to see the profiles of members that are currently logged on to PerfSpot. This section features thousands of pre-screened PerfSpot members that have met the requirements to have their profile displayed. If you come across someone that's interesting, reach out and say hello! It's a great way to meet new people on PerfSpot!

If you would like your profile to be included in the "Online Now" section whenever you are logged into PerfSpot, please make sure you have:

1 - Uploaded a valid profile picture
2 - Verified your email address
3 - Set your Online Now privacy setting to "Show"
4 - Must be at least 18 years of age

Click here to view members Online Now.

At PerfSpot, we know that sometimes you just want to kick back and enjoy a casual game by yourself or with friends. So we added a new Games section that offers you the best games on the web, free to play either online OR download to your computer and play anytime!

Click here to start playing the newest Action, Puzzle, and Strategy games right now!

Tell Us What You Think
PerfSpot consistently strives to provide the best possible experience to our members. Our growth and innovations are the byproduct of our desire to provide the features our members require, in order to have as close to a perfect environment as possible, for everyone. Obviously, this is not a simple task, and feedback from our members is often our best tool in suggesting what's next.

So, to make it easier for everyone, we've added a new "Suggestions" link in the footer (bottom) of our site. If you have any feedback (positive or negative!), and/or ideas that you believe would make PerfSpot a better community, please don't be shy. Click on Suggestions, we would love to hear from you!

Want to see which of your PerfSpot Friends have an upcoming birthday in the next week? This new section displays the date and ages of all of your Friends that have a birthday within the next seven days. If you don't want your Friends knowing your age visit the Privacy Options section of your site and set "Display Age" to "Hide", we'll still let your Friends know it is your birthday but won't let them know your age.

You will find an overview of upcoming birthdays in your PerfLife section just below the music player with a "View All" link that provides additional details.

User Search
The user search is the most popular section of PerfSpot! Our members tell us they love it because, using the new search criteria tools, they can quickly locate PerfSpot members they want to make friends with. This new user search has larger profile pictures, simplified search-by-name functionality, and new browsing options that make locating an individual or an entire group of PerfSpot members just a click away.

Start making new friends!

My Interests
Want to share your interests with members who visit your PerfSpot profile, and even meet other PerfSpotters who share your interests? The new Interest section allows you to input your favorite Activities, Beverages, Books, Celebrities, Foods, Magazines, Movies, Music, Night Spots, Restaurants, Sports, TV Show and Vacation spots.

You can create your own personal interests or choose from existing interests created by other members. Whichever you choose, you will be able to easily connect with other members who share your same interests. You never know who you might meet! Be sure to enter one interest at a time. Click here to get started!

Find and Invite Your Friends
PerfSpot's new Invite Friends tool makes inviting your friends to join you on PerfSpot a breeze! You can now check your Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail, AOL, MSN and Live email accounts for existing friends that have already joined PerfSpot.

You can also use the new tool to select all the email contacts you would like to send an invitation to join PerfSpot, and once they accept, they will automatically appear as your Friend!

Why invite your friends? Well, remember that many of our most powerful and popular features are designed to be used by two or more friends. Unlock the true social capabilities of your PerfSpot account today by inviting your friends right now!

PerfSpot Adds Poker
Over the coming weeks, PerfSpot will be rolling out an entire suite of exciting online casual and casino games! The first to be introduced is a free Poker game. Sit down (virtually, of course!) with players from all over the world, enjoy competitive gaming, test your Poker skills, and make some new friends.

Poker is 100% free, click here to join in on the fun.

January Updates

View All Friends
PerfSpot is all about making new friends. As your network grows our team focuses on keeping your site as manageable and user friendly as possible. We have enhanced the "View All Friends" sections of your public and private profiles to make it simple to find exactly what you are looking for. Whether it is a specific individual friend or a group of users you'll now find them in a beat of a heart. Be sure to check out both the detailed and gallery views.

Click the "View All" in the Friends section of a profile to experience this great new feature.

Set your Top Friends
You asked and we listened! Now PerfSpot users can promote their favorite people to "Top Friends". This new segment of the profile allows you to quickly locate friends you wish to display on your public profile as your "Top Friends". Try out the new 'Drag and Drop' and Username autocomplete tools that make it even easier to find your favorite friends!

You will find the "Set Top Friends" tool in the Friends section of your PerfLife/Private profile.

As the PerfSpot social network grows, the amount of popular and quality content increases exponentially. From creative public profiles and thrilling videos, to cutting edge music, incredible pictures and stimulating blogs, there are an ever-increasing number pages that PerfSpot members would like to return to later or share with friends on other networks across the internet. To help facilitate the process, PerfSpot has added powerful Bookmarking software that allows you to link the content you love to a number of the most popular news and link sites, including: IE Favorites,, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Newsvine, Technorati, Yahoo, Ask, Slashdot and many more.

You will see this AddThis Social Bookmark Button located throughout the network next to content you might want to bookmark. Go ahead, give it a try right now, just click the button to Bookmark this page!

Profile Picture Cropping
Looking to create that Perfect profile picture to show your friends and visitors? With the new Profile Picture cropping tool you can! This new feature allows you to easily crop your profile picture to the perfect size.

To create a new and improved Profile Picture, just click Profile Picture below your current profile picture in the PerfLife/Private Profile section of your site.

Increased Efforts to Combat Abuse
PerfSpot is dedicated to providing a safe and friendly environment to all of our members. We are proud to say that this network is seen and used by people from all over the world, ages 13 to 107! Our dedicated customer support staff's number one task is to ensure that the less than 1% of abusive accounts are quickly isolated and removed. In addition to new, more powerful automated tools, many times it is reports from members that serve as our first line of defense. PerfSpot has added a number of new 'Report Abuse' button locations that allow members to report abuse directly to our staff. If you or anyone you know is ever harassed or offended by another PerfSpot member, please let us know!

You will find the " Report Abuse" option on all PerfBoard comments.

Launched Picture War
Since PerfSpot was launched almost a year ago, millions of pictures have been submitted by our members. We quickly realized we needed a fun and creative way to share some of these great images to all members! One of the most entertaining ways to view popular content is in the new Picture War section. Pictures from matching categories and similar popularity are matched head to head, you choose your favorite of the two, and then see the collective results of the thousands of members participating.

To submit your own pictures just click the "Upload" tab in the upper right corner of your page and be sure to select the "Submit to Perf Pictures" option to include your pictures in the Picture War.

To view the Picture War section, click the Pictures tab just below the PerfSpot logo then select "Picture War" from the sub navigation bar.

Created Profile Visit History
Each profile you visit is conveniently stored in your Profile Visit History. This section is a great way to navigate back to a profile you can't remember or haven't made friends with yet.

You will find your Profile Visit History in your PerfLife/private profile beneath the quick links under your profile picture.

Launched Public Picture Section
The power of PerfSpot lies in the collective energy of our rapidly expanding member base. When you upload pictures to your account, you now have the option to "Submit to Perf Pictures". By doing so, your pictures will be reviewed and posted in the newly redesigned Pictures Section. All visitors to PerfSpot will be able to view and rate your pictures with the most popular earning center stage on the Pictures homepage. You can be a PerfSpot Star!

Click the Pictures tab just below the PerfSpot logo to view picture submissions from your fellow PerfSpotters. To submit your own pictures just click the Upload tab in the upper right corner of the page.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So Many updates

We have been super busy updating the site. If you are a member you will know the phenomenal changes we have done.

Also our site has been exploding with a current Alexa traffic ranking of 73!

Friday, February 02, 2007

New Features

Videos now have PerfCodes. You can include them anywhere PerfCodes are allowed.

You can now include YouTube/Break videos where PerfCodes are allowed. You need to copy and paste the embed code from the sites.

You can now use PerfCodes in messages.

If you have suggestions about what other features we should allow, please send me a message.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Transparent backgrounds!

Under customize profile you can now make background transparent. Try it out:

Background: [T ]
Header Background: [T ]

Random 10 Friends

You can now make your Perf10 Friends come up randomly if you want. Just set the "Random: On" feature on the My Perf10 Friends header bar.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Features.

New Features.

1. You can adjust the security settings of the map to your house now. (Privacy Settings)

2. Every Pic has a PerfCode box now that you can copy and paste into your About Me or Comments.

3. For About Me and Comments you can use HTML Bold, Italic, and Center tags if you know what they are.

Friday, December 22, 2006


Hey Everyone,

Update your address on the Edit Profile section and check out your PerfLife.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Funny Santa Shirt